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Franchise | 加盟

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Our Franchise Program | 加盟我们
In Sabah, we are a specialist food chain of 5 retail outlets. We remain ambitious in our expansion plans to venture into new markets abroad.
The Ju Xiang business-format franchise incorporates the Ju Xiang trademark and products.
Our main product range includes Bak Kwa (barbecued meat), meat floss, and snacks.
Franchisees have ready access to our proven business system, which includes policies and procedures, management practices, tools and techniques. Backed by our strong support system that consists of thorough training and on-going assistance, you can look forward to running your franchise business with utmost confidence and ease.
Ju Xiang has successfully established itself as the undisputed market leader in the Bak Kwa trade of Sabah.
Our success is attributable to the following factors:
  • • Consistent and reliable product quality and pricing | 统一价钱和稳定的产品品质
  • • Hygienic and attractive packaging | 卫生和精美的包装
  • • Ability to source for good locations | 协助寻找好地点
  • • Modern, convenient and pleasant retail ambience | 时髦,有效率和漂亮的门市设计
  • • Aggressive advertising and promotions programme | 广告策略和活动 
Franchise benefits | 加盟商的好处
This business is yours. As a Ju Xiang franchisee, you own the franchise and are free to make day-to-day business decisions.
We will provide you our expertise and judgments to help you get started at a lower capital.
Management support | 管理层的支援
Ju Xiang franchisee will receive the following management support.
• Systematic training | 专业训练
Ju Xiang will provide in-depth training to transfer our operational and management know-how to you and your key personnel. You will also receive periodic training on updated procedures, new equipment and new product offerings.
• Site selection assistance | 地点分析
We will assist you in choosing the right store location, as this factor is critical to the success of your business.
• Research & development | 研发
Ju Xiang places great emphasis on R&D. We will continue to develop new products and design attractive packaging. You will benefit from our consistent innovation and quality assurance of all our products.
• Institutional A&P | 广告活动
Ju Xiang will conduct institutional advertising and promotions to create and maintain market awareness and brand leadership.
Operational support | 运作 
• Operational manual | 运作手册
This will be provided to serve as a useful guide in the operation of your business. It will be periodically updated.
• Outlet design | 门市设计
To achieve consistency in brand image across all Ju Xiang outlets, we would assist you in your outlet design. In addition, we would also provide advice on space management.
• Trouble shooting | 问题分析
We will provide you with on-site trouble-shooting and consultancy.
• Performance reviews | 表现评估
Ju Xiang will conduct reviews and offer business advice based on the overall progress and performance of your business on a periodic basis.
If you are interested in a franchise opportunity with us, please call +6012 393 3173 to arrange for a more detailed discussion.
Alternatively, you can email your queries to
凡是有兴趣成为我们加盟商的人可以联络手机号码 +6012 393 3173 或是发电邮到