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霸王蝦杏仁肉紙 | Shrimp Flavor Crispy Chicken 易碎!Fragile!

An all time favorite for Bakkwa lovers. Every slice of bakkwa is carefully marinated with our secret recipe passed down for generations.


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An all time favorite for Bakkwa lovers. Every slice of bakkwa is carefully marinated with our secret recipe passed down for generations. It is then barbecued to perfection for its unique taste. This will be a feast for the eyes and nose as they happily sizzle over the fire.


全球首創「霸王蝦杏仁肉紙」香脆的肉紙配上霸氣十足的「蝦米王」帶出前所未有的口味由於薄度非常的薄,為了避免肉紙的破損,全程必須使用人手工製作。獨家古早滷汁醃製入味。利用慢火烘烤等程序,採用隧道式烤箱進行高溫烘烤,對每一片肉紙『六面炙燒』,讓肉紙表層酥脆,完整保留濃郁的烘培香味並能封存鮮嫩肉汁,令肉紙擁有獨特的纎細口感。入口嚼後滿溢陣陣的肉香,亦添加杏仁片,片片香脆順口! 『霸王蝦杏仁肉紙』融合了傳統的古早味與創新的口味,少糖,無油無燒烤,全程利用風乾技术烤熟,『香脆可口,薄如蟬翼』,與眾不同,讓您吃得健康無負擔。精美的包裝顛覆您對傳統肉乾油膩膩的印象,即實用又環保,吃肉乾也可以很時尚的喲!

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